About discrimination

Discrimination is the unequal treatment of (groups of) people because of characteristics that do not matter in that situation. For example: race, ethnicity, skin color, religion, philosophy of life, age, political opinion, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, chronic illness, working hours (full-time or part-time work) and type of contract (permanent or temporary). Discrimination is prohibited under Dutch, European and international laws.

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Legislation (such as the General Equal Treatment Act (Awgb), criminal law and labor law) prohibits discrimination based on the following characteristics:

Religion Philosophy of life Political affiliation Nationality Marital status Breed Sex Sexual preference Physical disability Chronic illness Age Working hours (full-time / part-time) Type of contract (permanent / temporary)

A few examples of reports that have been received by Vizier:

- When I was pregnant my employer did not want to renew my contract. Vizier has informed me about my rights and supported me in entering into a dialogue with my employer.

- At work there are colleagues who were very annoying because I am a Muslim. My employer did little about that. Now that I have discussed this together with Vizier, things are going a lot better.

- We have just moved and our new neighbors do not accept us because we are gay. Harassment and insults every day. Vizier has offered us support in our contact with the housing association and in filing a report with the police.

- I was refused entry to a restaurant because I have a service dog. The owner was beyond reason. After a complaint via Vizier, he apologized and I am welcome in the future.

- Several times I was refused at the same disco, I think because I am Moroccan. The doorman always had different reasons. According to the owner, there was no discrimination. With the help of Vizier, the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights has now ruled that there was discrimination.