Monitor 2021

Discrimination reports from the previous year

We collect annually all discrimination reports of East Netherlands from which we can conclude where discrimination occurs. Thanks to your report, we can map this out and submit these statistics to your municipality. This allows a municipality to take the necessary actions to tackle this so that you can live safely and comfortably in your municipality. Please see the Municipalities Monitor to learn what discrimination reports have been registered per municipality.

Reporting helps against discrimination

By reporting your situation to Vizier, it becomes possible to help you. This can be done in many ways. Together with you, we will discuss which steps are possible to make the situation negotiable, to investigate or to support you in a complaints procedure. It is always a custom advice and depending on the issue and situation. You can also contact Vizier if you only need a good conversation about what happened to you, or if you have witnessed discrimination, We are here for you.

What we do

Vizier advises and supports individuals and organizations free of charge in cases and feelings of discrimination. The General Equal Treatment Act is the starting point for this. In addition to handling complaints, Vizier trains professionals and goes to schools to teach young people about equal rights with the aim of raising awareness, combating prejudice and discrimination, and mobilizing positive forces in society.